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A Bad Workman Quarrels With His Tools

Essay No. 207:

A Bad Workman Quarrels With His Tools: A bad workman is he, who does not realize his own shortcomings but pics up holes with the instruments he is to work with. He develops an attitude of pooh-pooh and blames his environment in which he is to apply the tools to complete a work.

A bad workman, even if he were provided with reasonably a good environment, would grumble about while doing work. He would not like to look into his sleeve to identify his personal shortcomings but would blame the tools in one way or the other. The tools are least to blame. They can be made use of dexterously if the workman has the necessary level of expertise to apply them. The bad workmen attribute low output to their tools and not to themselves.

Conditions have never been ideal to man. Man himself has to change the bad environments to his advantage. Tools symbolically can be taken for environments. Environments pose challenge to man and he is to accept them. Man has to respond to the challenges through well-conceived practical strategies. A person who has the initiative, grit and go in himself, can cope even with the blunt tools.

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He can make them serviceable. I quote a personal experience I was traveling in a bus, whose Tyre got burst out. No spare type was available. The bus driver through ingenuity, got the Tyre pounded with sand and soon started the bus. He drove the bus slowly and brought it to a petrol pump, where the Tyre was mended to set the bus in motion.

The point is that darkness can be countered by the burning of a lamp. Man since the creation of the world has been face to face with adverse conditions for his survival. Some people grumble and complain about their environments. Even if they were provided with ideal conditions, they would still be found grumbling for they are in quarrel with their tools.

It is not a good attitude towards life. Life demands seriousness, courage initiative to move along the formidable challenges. Let us not blame the environments rather we should overcome their severity through the well-planned strategies. Nothing can stand in the way of man’s determination and courage.

“A Bad Workman Quarrels With His Tools”

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