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Essay No. 120:

A Bee In One’s Bonnet: It is an idiom, which implies craziness on the part of a person. Man must show some amount of craziness to achieve his objective in life. Those who wish to achieve something in life must have a bee in their bonnet.

A candidate desirous of taking the CSS examination must show devotion and keenness to achieve the objective. He must burn the midnight oil to prepare the compulsory/optional subjects. He must develop a basic understanding of different academic disciplines to reply to questions in an intelligible manner.

He is supposed to be somewhat crazy in his mission otherwise he may find it a hard nut to crack. People who set a goal before themselves to achieve, are required to have a bee in their bonnet.

A research scholar to arrive at the truth in his thesis has to sit in libraries for long hours. He has to study profusely the previous and the present literature having a bearing on the subject under research. He has to read extensively to keep himself abreast of the latest changes in the field of his research.

A research scholar impelled by the urge to present his thesis well leaves no stone unturned in laying his hands on the relevant literature to complete his thesis. Research demands the heart’s blood, without which it cannot come to fruition. That means a research scholar, without having a bee in his bonnet cannot accomplish his objective.

A teacher to deliver goods successfully has to be faithful in the pursuit of the study of his subject. Without doing so, he cannot impart knowledge of the required standard to his pupils. Teachers in the West are seen zealously studying different books to update their knowledge.

They produce research publications which are printed in standard journals. They move forward on the basis of the published research papers. They do not allow stagnation to overpower themselves. They are in constant academic strife. The passion which teachers show in Western society results in widening the horizon of knowledge in different realms.

Teachers in Pakistan society at different levels do not show zeal to pursue knowledge for its own sake. Teachers at the primary/middle/secondary/colleges are mostly prey to academic stagnation. They show little interests in promoting their professional growth through the acquisition of fresh knowledge because they do not see to have a bee in their bonnet.

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Passion, fervour is needed in every field of life. However, over craziness instead of being a virtue, becomes a vice. This tendency must be avoided. Over craziness boarders abnormality, which is not desirable in life. People who display this tendency, are socially despised.

There is a saying that excess of everything is bad. The instance of people running after the money all the time fits in the context. People who indulge in chasing worldly pleasures/wealth to develop the exclusion of moral values of life suffer from over craziness.

They develop an obsession for material things and consider them the be all the end-all of life. The burden of the song is that one may have a bee in one’s bonnet for attaining one’s objective, but over craziness must be avoided at all cost. Iqbal’s Urdu verse:

لیکن اسے کبھی کبھی تنہا بھی چھوڑ دے

Is relevant in this context. It’s good to be a slave of wisdom, but overdose if wisdom can make a person abnormal.

“A Bee In One’s Bonnet”