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Essay No. 217:

A Bird In Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush: The maxim means that the bird in hand represents certainty of possession of a thing howsoever, small that be, while bird in the bush symbolizes uncertainty. One should thus remain contented with what little wealth one has, instead of aspiring and chasing fabulous wealth which is uncertain to acquire.

The amount of money lying in one’s purse can be spent the way one likes. However, the anticipated money may not come about, as the future is wrapped up in uncertainty. Hence it is not wise to chase uncertainty. It is not a practical approach. One should avoid running after uncertainty.

The bush may be containing a number of birds. When, however, one approaches the bush to catch birds, they may fly off. Hence one should not let the bird in hand fly off in expectation of catching more birds. This type of strategy is not practical. It should be shunned as far as possible. Life demands a strategy based on pragmatism.

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There are people with little resources, who spend a lot of money on sending solved cross-world puzzles to different magazines, newspapers. They seldom get a prize. Their whole life is spent in indulging in speculation. They live by hope. No doubt, hope sustains life.

People dealing a stock and exchange business, hope to catch birds lying hidden in bushes, but more often than not, the birds slip out of their trap, leaving the value of their shares fall. Hence, it is wise, one should not run after uncertainty, which does not suit life.

During a period of uncertainty, stock and exchange market crashes down. One should thus become practical minded to deal with the problems of life. Hence one should avoid chasing uncertain shadows in life.

“A Bird In Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush”