Essay No. 97:

A Contented Mind Is A Blessing Kind: There can be no two opinions about the veracity of the statement in question. A contented mind is a great blessing, which is hard to come by in the present times of economic aggrandisement and aggressiveness. People in the Third World countries are caught in the net of poverty and they wish to come out of the trap of poverty.


They wish to satisfy their ballooning material aspirations by acquiring necessary economic resources. Their own genuine means are insufficient to satisfy their aspirations. Hence they indulge in corruption, bribery and other social vices to achieve their objective. In the blind craze to upgrade their living standard, they totally ignore moral principles.


Their minds are obsessed with immoral considerations, which cannot give them peace of mind. The mind remains disturbed all the time, which creates many psychological complications. Material desires may be satisfied with the availability of genuine resources. But over craziness robs a man of peace of mind. The mind becomes infested with sickly thoughts, which cannot comfort man.


Hence if you wish to attain a contented mind, reduce your material desires to the maximum level. That does not mean that man should renounce material desires and become a hermit in life. Man must pursue his genuine desires within the framework of genuine availability resources earned through honest means.


Superfluous desires should be spurned and discarded, which have the potential of catching a man in the web of mental tension. The solution thus lies in reducing human desires for wriggling mind out of boggling tension and confusion.

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If you wish to have a contented mind, then you serve the crestfallen in life with devotion. If you could convert dehumanized into humanized, it would give permanent contentment to you. You part with your wealth for others, and you attain the salvation of your soul. You must not have any ugly motive in this behalf. Those who spend rightly earned wealth on improving a lot of the downtrodden, are the real friends of Allah.


Allah loves those who love His creatures. That is why Islam lays great emphasis on ‘Haqooq-ul-Abad’ (rights of man). Allah blesses those human minds with peace and contentment that think of alleviating hunger and squalor, thereby releasing man from the shackles of poverty and its other concomitants, one is reminded of an Urdu verse runs as:

یہی ہے عبادے یہی دین و ایماں

کہ کام آئے دنیا میں انساں کے انساں

[The best of ‘Abadit’ and religious faith is that man should serve man.]

While looking after the welfare of man, one should frequently remember Allah. The recipe that the Quran recommends to believers is to recite the name of Allah to cleanse their hearts of material filth accumulated in them. The Sufis’ role is to help believers to achieve the objective through suggested spiritual exercises. Allah’s zikr blesses the human mind with contentment and peace. One must yearn for peace and harmony in life because without it human mind remains obsessed with tension and worry.

“A Contented Mind Is A Blessing Kind”