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A Great Part Of The Mischief’s Of The World Arises From Words

Essay No. 110:

A Great Part Of The Mischief’s Of The World Arises From Words: The maxim reveals a great part of the truth that many mischiefs are occasioned at the international level by the wrong use of words. The maxim drives a lesson to a man that he should bridle his tongue. The tongue should be kept under control under all conditions.

Diplomats are extremely careful in using words. They issue guarded statements in order to avoid misgivings or misunderstandings. When diplomats address press gatherings, they are very careful in the use of words. Mostly their statements are vetted by the foreign office in order to avoid any serious unconscious lapse on the part of diplomats.

It is the use of wrong/inappropriate words which often precipitates conflicts among different countries. Every country has to safeguard its own interests and as such bears upon its diplomats the need for using the most guarded words to avoid any conflict which could adversely impinge on its interests.

People who become emotional in their behaviour, often use offensive words, which could be a cause of irritations between different words, which could be a cause of irritation between different parties. Wrong words used at wrong times can generate conflicts among individuals and nations.

Once conflicts arise they words can create misunderstandings between friends. It is in human nature to spread rumours. Wrongly used words are often magnified, which result in widening differences among friends. One is reminded of Ahmad Faraz Urdu verse:

ہم نہ ہوتے تو کسی اور کے جرجے ہوتے

خلقتِ شہر تو کہنے کو فسانے مانگے

[if we were not the target, then somebody else could be the target of public ridicule for the public wants something fantastic to coin stories.]

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According to the maxim, a great part of mischiefs arises from words in the world. All mischiefs cannot be ascribed to words. Many factors give rise to mischiefs. Nations that are wrong economically, technologically, militarily can threaten weak poor countries, if the latter for one reason or the other cannot come up to the expectations of the former.

Might sometimes give rise to mischiefs at the international leave. Words could be one of the causes to generate tension, conflict and mischief in the world.

“A Great Part Of The Mischief’s Of The World Arises From Words”

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