Essay No. 18:

A Hot Summer Day: Summer is a very hard season. A hot summer is not easy to pass. It makes everybody stay at home. A hot summer day is more of a punishment than a gift. It is unbearable and makes us uncomfortable and lazy.


The period between dawn and sunlight gives a lovely sight. The twilight scene is most appealing. The clam and serene atmosphere; the cool and branching climate and the refreshing breeze, soothe our spirits. The sweet chirping of birds appears most enchanting. Everything looks fresh and lively.


After some time is seen the golden disc of the rising sun in the east. It is slightly hot. But as the day advances, it becomes hotter. People, who were out, begin to come back to their homes in order to avoid the oppressive heat. At noon the sun is red hot. People are hardly seen outside. Farmers stop ploughing their fields during these hot hours. The doors and windows of the houses are closed. People sit in their rooms which are kept cool by fans and air-conditioners. Some have to go to business. The clothes become wet with sweat. One feels very uneasy. He feels like drinking water all the time.

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But the afternoon period is the hottest! The piercing rays of the sun fall on the ground. The heat is unbearable and oppressive during the afternoon period. Everybody stays inside. No one moves out. All the business spots get deserted.


But in the evening, when the sun begins to set, people again come out. Gardens, public parks and fashionable centres again him with activity. People take ice-creams and cold drinks. Life appears once again.


At present, the situation is changed. Modern science has made summers very comfortable. But it is for a rich man to enjoy. For a rich man, summer is not hot and winter is not cold. These people enjoy both the seasons alike. But it is the poor who really suffers. If it is cold or hot, they have to face hardships. They have to move about whether it is cold or hot.