Essay No. 287:

A Hungry Man Is An Angry Man: Man needs bread for his physical survival. He much get it under all conditions. Empty stomachs are highly dangerous, as they can go to any length to snatch away the morsel of food. No doubt man does not live by bread alone but it is after the provision of bread, that no-material needs are felt in the life of man.

People who are hungry, can resort to immoral activities like theft, decoity and endanger the social fabric of society. Hence it is the duty of state to ensure the provision of basic needs of life to the people. The Caliph Umar (R.A) rightly said “Even if a hungry dog dies on the banks of the Euphrates, Umar would be held responsible for that.”

What a confession by the Caliph. Hunger demolishes the boundary between right and wrong. Hungry man ceases to be motivated by considerations of ethics and morality. Nothing short of food, could subside his hunger. Hence it is incumbent upon a state to formulate such policies as to lessen the intensity of economic problem of the people, with a view of facilitating the satisfaction of the basic need i.e., food —.

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It is rather painful to observer that the economic conditions of the people continues to deteriorate rather progressively in Pakistan. There is rising food inflation which is resulting in the exacerbation of empty stomachs in the country. The poor, the under-privileged section of the society, is highly up set and that has given rise to the incidence of crimes in the country.

The government must remember that hunger can make man desperate and insane. No amount of moral sermons can cut ice with a hunger man. In extreme cases of poverty, people sell off their children for the sake of paltry amount of money.

This happens frequently in Pakistan, as newspapers splash sickening news. Hunger must be overcome. Empty stomachs must be filled in, to avert any serious situation.

“A Hungry Man Is An Angry Man”