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A Man Is Only As Rich As He Is Contented

Essay No. 215: 

A Man Is Only As Rich As He Is Contented: The saying regards richness of a person not in terms of wealth and money he possesses, but in terms of contentment, happiness and peace of mind. Wealth is not the criterion of the richness of a person.

Form the worldly point of view, wealth is the yardstick to determine the richness of a person. Wealth is the weakness of man. Particularly in modern times, the importance of wealth has considerably increased. People run after the acquisition of wealth as a dog runs after a bone.

In the Third World countries, including Pakistan people belonging to low income group wish to get as much money as possible to improve their living standard. They wish to come out of the poverty trap by acquiring maximum money. This has all the more increased the importance of wealth and money in economically poor societies.

The rich chase wealth and affluence in a blind manner to add more to their already filled coffers. The blind rat race for wealth continues unabated in Pakistani society. The industrialist, the politicians, the cleric, the laborer all are engaged in race of wealth in varying degrees.

Wealth appears to have become a watchword with every Tom, Dick and Harry. The acquisition of wealth’s craze does not bring about peace of mind to people. The rich suffers from mental tension and in certain cases dementia is a common disease.t eh rich, the wealthy do not have the blessing of peace of mind.

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If a person rolling in wealth does not get a sound sleep at night to what use is his riches. Hence the true rich is he, who possesses contentment on account of his humane actions in life. The contentment is purchases through act of charity to promote the welfare of the poor, the low in life.

So if one wishes contentment in life, hard-earned wealth may be spent in the name of Allah for the welfare of the downtrodden. Allah loves those who love His creatures. A better way is to create a trust for the welfare of the poor, be it in the form of a hospital or an industrial craft school. That is the route of seeking satisfaction of the soul.

The pursuit of wealth is going to increase internal dissatisfaction, which can be overcome by indulging in acts of altruism. Contentment comes to man through the frequent remembrance of Allah. However, the primary condition is that one should earn living though righteous, honest legal means.

Righteous mode of living coupled with the act of philanthropically can get man near contentment, satisfaction and peace of mind in life. Hence one should possess wealth of contentment, which is a rare phenomenon in the present day world, characterized by greed and aggrandizement.

“A Man Is Only As Rich As He Is Contented”

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