Essay No. 218:

A Man’s Best Friend Is His Ten Fingers: The maxim brings out the importance of man’s ten fingers in his hands in life. It is with hands that man does good and bad deeds in life. In terms of biological evolution. Man’s mind coupled with his hands placed him in a situation of advantage over other creatures. He was able to subdue the forces of nature with his mind and hands.

Now he has greatly gained control over wily nature with the help of his mind and hands. The scientific experiments are done with hands, which open new vistas of thinking in the world. The manufacture of gigantic type of machinery used in different mega projects is the result of the application of human labor, which would not have been possible without hands accompanied by fingers.

The modern industrial progress is due to labor and other factors of production. The computer, which is the child of man’s brain, is made use of by man’s hands. It involves typing a message with the aid of fingers which is intended to be sent within or outside a country. If a novel or a short story is to be written, it is done by hands involving the use of fingers.

If man were without hands, he would not have been able to make astounding material progress in the world. Hence ten fingers are man’s best friend. He can rely on his fingers to get his different projects realized. If he has the will and determination to do a thing, he can do it and his finger will always come to his rescue. His fingers will become useless, if his mind is empty of ideas.

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Man perceives ideas to implement them in life in different forms. His fingers are implementer of good as well as bad ideas. The atomic energy can be used for constructive as well as for destructive purposes. It can be utilized in overcoming energy crisis in a country like Pakistan. It can be deployed as a weapon of destruction, as was done in japan by U.S.A., which threw atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

It is the fingers that pressed the button of atom bomb to detonate it to wrought colossal destruction in the world. The murders are committed by the firing of a gun or a revolver involving the use of human fingers. There would have been no murders had there been no hands. The good and evil owe much to human hands and mind. It is the use of fingers which facilitates complicated types of operations including the heart surgery etc. to save human life.

It is man’s ten fingers – his best friend, which have engineered industrial, mechanical, surgical revolution in the world. All the same if fingers are used for an ugly purpose it is not their fault but that of man’s mind. Fingers will work in a way, man so desires. So let the thinking of man change for the good of mankind. Fingers are mere instruments to give practical shape to man’s good or bad ideas.

“A Man’s Best Friend Is His Ten Fingers”