A Man’s Personality And Morality Are The Products Of His Bodily Chemistry

Essay No. 54:

A Man’s Personality, Morality, Intellect And Altitudes Are All The Products Of His Bodily Chemistry: The statement ascribes human personality, morality, attitudes to human health. If the body is physically healthy, the statement alleges, it would automatically develop morality, intellect and attitude in man. One can differ with the statement on a number of grounds.


It is conceded that the personality of a person is mostly the result of the chemistry of his body. A healthy person has an impressive personality. But there is no guarantee that he would also have morality, intellect and good attitude. It is not necessary that a healthy person has also a healthy attitude. Many healthy persons are seen without a sense of morality. They believe in personal morality and their conduct veers round individual aggressiveness.


Morality is a function of education that one receives from one’s parents and society. If negative values are galore in a society, an individual unconsciously would be influenced by them. If he finds a disparity between the professed and practised values, he would not be able to develop a healthy morality. Likewise, it is the education that determines human attitude. If good education based on principles of morality were given to an individual, it would impact on his mind healthy and help develop a good, progressive attitude on life.

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Society’s role cannot be underestimated in the formulation of healthy human attitude. In knowledge-oriented societies, people develop a rational attitude in life. In obscurantist societies, it leads to the formation of rigid inflexible, unreasonable attitudes. The human mind is clogged up in superstitions, dogmas, irrational beliefs. The door to enlightenment is closed. Hence it is necessary to impact education in a rational manner to promote objectivity in life. Cultivation of progressive outlook is necessary for the development of good attitude in life. The crux of the discussion is that attitudes are not the outcome of man’s bodily chemistry.


As regards intellect, psychologists are of the view that it is conditioned by hereditary, environmental factors. As individual inherits intellect from his parents, but the environmental factors do have their own influence on him/her. In a society, where education is based on why, when, how, a child would develop reasoning power, which would stimulate his intellect. IQ varies from person to person. In some cases, it is high, while in others low. But it tends to stimulate intelligence if the reasoning power of an individual were promoted through rationally and reason.


Bodily chemistry has an importance of its own but it is not sole in determining the intellect, morality and attitude of an individual.


“A Man’s Personality, Morality, Intellect And Altitudes Are All The Products Of His Bodily Chemistry”