Essay No. 19:

A Morning walk is as important for man as food. Early in the morning man must go out for strolling. It is not easy to leave the bed early in the morning. I normally go to sleep when the T.V. studio closes down for the night. The proverb, early to bed and early to rise seems to be very old. My father is a very hard task master. He makes me wake up early in the morning and starts teaching me mathematics. I reminded him of the advantages of a morning walk, so he asked me to dress up in a shirt and shorts and get ready for a morning walk. I thought the morning walk was at least better than Mathematics.


There are many parks in our locality. I was surprised to see so many people crowding in the park. A cool breeze was blowing. The green leaves of the trees were whispering in the wind. The birds had left their nests and were flying away in every direction. The sun-rise was a glorious birth. It was pleasant to see the first rays of the sun touching the earth. At first, the sun looked like an orange-coloured but gradually covered itself with beautiful beams.


In one corner of the park, children were playing with a small ball. Some young boys were running in a circle. There were others who were taking various exercises. In another corner, a judo teacher was teaching judo exercises. The learners were raising their hands and legs in a balanced manner. He asked them to laugh. All of them laughed so loudly that I could not control my own laughter. I joined them for nothing.

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There was a flag, fluttering in one corner. Some young and old persons saluted the flag and sang a patriotic song. All of them were wearing white shirts and khaki shorts. They all belonged to the N.C.C. and were learning martial arts. They were busy in their own activities.


My father asked me to run two rounds of the whole park. It was thrilling to run a few steps but I was not ready to complete two rounds. After running a few steps, I returned to my father and told him that there was little time left for the study of mathematics. I was between two devils learning mathematics and running a race. My father agreed and we returned home.


On the way back, I thought about the advantages of a morning walk. Those who get up early can complete their work at the right time. They have enough time to go for a morning walk. They can inhale fresh air in the park. They can improve their health by taking exercises.