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Essay No. 219:

A Pen Becomes A Clarion: The statement means that when pen assumes its role clearly, it creates awareness among the readers regarding ugly socio-politico economic ugly national areas. A revolution often is the child of a mighty clarion pen. This view is purported by world history. The French Revolution was borne out of the forceful pen of writers like Voltaire and his ilk.

A pen becomes forceful when it flows out of the conviction of writers. Writers who write for the sake of writing and lack in necessary conviction, make no or little impact on readers. Hence to make pen clarion, writers must be morally convinced of the cause they wish to advocate through their writing.

In the Third World countries including Pakistan some writers owe their affiliation to certain political parties. They seem to throw weight with political parties irrespective of the cause being genuine or in-genuine. Pen of such writers reflects, a jaundiced eye, which carries small weight in the eyes of readers. Readers like an objective, impartial analysis of politico-economic problems.

Government in Third World countries often buy writers who are borne on their pay list. They are their writing are dyed in partial-ism. Readers who are well read can spot a partial tinge in the writings of hired writers. Writers who rise above their prejudices, likes and dislikes are able to feed readers with full facts of the problems.

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A few writers of English and Urdu newspapers in the current political crisis, were able to write articles to educate readers regarding the dimensions of crisis, suggesting a way to come out of it through the restoration of judiciary and the regime of law.

They correctly highlighted the negative role of dictatorship in running down institutions in the country, which alone could give cushion against internal and external dangers. The name of Ayaz Amar stands prominently from among-st the writers of English writers, who picked cudgels openly against military dictatorship in Pakistan.

His pen was the most clarion, pointing out the pernicious influence of military dictatorship on national life. Dawn, the Nation, Daily Times had a number of good writers that pinpointed the pitfalls in which Pakistan could fall, if dictatorship were to continue in future. The pen of morally, intellectually honest writers was the most clarion. A nation is lifted out of a crisis by the force of writer’s pen. Pakistan needs a clarion pen for all time to come.

“A Pen Becomes A Clarion”