Essay No. 33:

A Picnic Party: My friend Mifrah gave us a sumptuous party in honour of her happy marriage. She invited a few dozen of her friends to a picnic party. The function was arranged in the famous gardens near Head Marala. The calm green waters of the Head Marala blew presented a beautiful sight.

A beautiful canopy was set up in the spacious compound of the garden and the place was tastefully decorated. The grass on the ground was as soft as velvet. There were arranged two rows of ten sets of chairs and tables to accommodate the guests. Some friends had been entrusted with the task of making all sorts of arrangements regarding the entertainment of the guests.

Half an hour before the appointed time, friends began to drop in one by one. Many kinds of delicious dishes along with the fruits of the season were served to the guests. We all enjoyed a very hearty meal. Then a lively program for the entertainment of the guests followed.

Besides a few pleasant and sweet songs quite in harmony with the happy occasion, we had enough of other sorts of fun and amusement. Humorous stories, tit-bits and jokes formed an important part of the program. Moreover, we had a good measure of even practical jokes.

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Last of all came the time of thank-giving and thanks-taking. An elderly member of the party delivered a short speech and congratulated the newly wedded couple and we all joined her in her prayers for a blissful, prosperous and healthy life for the happy couple. In the end, she thanked the host half of the whole gathering.

It was late in the evening when the joyful function concluded and we took leave of our host. Afterwards, we had a little boating in the moonlight night and enjoyed ourselves very much. As it was getting late, we hired an auto and drove home. We passed a very happy day indeed.