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A River In Flood: In the month of July and August, it is rainy season in Pakistan. If it rains more, all the rivers over-flow. During rainy season almost all the rivers in Pakistan are full to the brim. Some of the rivers are so flooded that they create havoc. During the month of August, I happened to go to see my uncle. He lives at Kala Kot, a village on the banks of the river Jhelum. There were torrential rains during that month.

Once it rained for 28 hours continuously. The village people were put to a great inconvenience because of the rains. One day when I woke up, I heard the cries of the people. The people were crying for safety. In the meantime, I heard that the bridge on the Jhelum river near Kala Kot was carried away by the torrential rains. When I was listening to the uproar of the people, a farmer came and broke the news that the gurgling waters of the Jhelum river were flowing towards our village.

Soon I saw it sub-merging the streets and the roads. The forceful currents of the water carried with them animals like cows, buffaloes and dogs. Many trees were also uprooted and carried away by the strong flow of the water. Dogs, cats, cocks and hens etc. were swept away like small straws. Everything lost its power before water. The currents were very fast. Within no time flood water also entered the houses, I saw from the housetop the plight of the village.

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Many houses collapsed. Walls made of mud were also washed away by the powerful waves of the water. The entire village was so inundated by the water that it was looking like an island in the sea. There was destruction all around. The flood destroyed most of the things. The flood caused great harm to property and animal life as well. Many houses collapsed and huts were submerged underwater.

People were rendered homeless. For the rescue of the flood victims boats came from neighbouring villages. These boats carried away the flood victims. Parched grams and clothes and garments were distributed by various welfare organisations as well as by the Government. The people were badly affected by this flood. No one could do anything. The old village men said that this was the ever worst flood in their living memory.

Such a great toll of property and animal wealth had never occurred before in their lives. Some of the after-effects of the flood were all the more harmful. Many diseases broke out because of the flood in the village. Some NGOs were working but without the help from Govt. it was not possible to settle people again. It would take time to flourish in the village. The Govt. also announced some financial aid for the victims of the flood.

“A River In Flood”