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A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

Essay No. 239:

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss: The maxim brings home to reader that those who are not consistent and steadfast in doing things are like a rolling stone gathering no moss. One is thus required to be consistent in one’s approach in life. A person, who is all the time behaving whimsically and sticking not to one occupation, would never gain stability in life.

Some people soon get disillusioned when they join an occupation. They are fed up with that and switch over to some other occupation. Even in that occupation they stay for a while and decide to quit it to join some other. Throughout life they swing from one end to the other without showing stability in their temperament and conduct. People of this nature seldom make their mark in life.

Life is struggle which has to be waged by man to fight against unfavorable tides in the sea of life. Those who have the capacity to grapple with the hostile circumstance, end up in success, white the ones who lack in consistency meet failure in life. Candidates appearing in the CSS examination have consistently to work hard to get through it with flying colors.

There is no room for lethargy or inconsistency. The mountaineers have continuously to move ahead to scale a mountain, though they may have to walk at a tortoises pace. If they get afraid of the avalanche and the fury of nature, they would not succeed in their objective.

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Steadily and slowly they have to go ahead. Determination and will of the mountaineers are their main points of strength. Hence one should not give up a venture if one fails in that. The second attempt would get one success provided one does not behave like a rolling stone.

Life demands patience and perseverance. Man fights the adversities of life with these weapons. One should go on moving forward though being in the midst of hostilities. One should steadfastly sick on to ones path though it bristles with thorns and weeds. One should not give up struggle in a sheer fit of desperation.

One should stand like a rock to weather the ups and downs of life. Question of retreat does not simply arise. One should gather moss of courage being not in a state of motion all the time like a rolling stone. Stability and steadfastness are great human virtues to be practiced in life.

“A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss”

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