Essay No. 261:

A Stitch In Time Saves Nine: The soul of the proverb is that timely action can save a lot of worry and botheration. If things are deteriorate without addressing them in time, they show progressive deterioration with the passage of time and go beyond repair.

Hence life does not brook unnecessary delay in rectifying things in time. If there are rents in a garment, they need to be stitched in time otherwise rents are likely to further develop thereby rendering the garment useless to wear. Similarly, if there is a breach in a canal, that should immediately be rectified otherwise it would render itself beyond repair overtime.

The proverb drives a lesson to man that if he were not to take timely action to rectify things, he would have to pay a heavy price for indecisiveness. If foreign policy of a country warrants immediate changes to promote national interests, it should be done forthwith.

The policy makers should initiate timely changes to make foreign policy respond to new calls in order to keep national interests intact. Nations that procrastinate unnecessarily have to suffer in the long run. Prompt action is the answer to put things in their proper perspective.

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Things should not be allowed to linger on unnecessarily to take their own course rather timely action should be taken to set them right.  If somehow misunderstanding takes place between friends, immediate steps should be taken to remove it, otherwise it would grow fierce with the lapse of time.

Differences between the husband and the wife, if not ironed out timely, would further grow creating a widening cleavage between the two. Hence wisdom lies in not allowing the differences to widen to an extent as to become unbridgeable.

Wise people considering the gravity of a situation take timely measures to mend the differences. One should thus rise to the occasion to stitch in time for saving nine.

“A Stitch In Time Saves Nine”