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A Suspicious Parent Makes An Artful Child

Essay No. 140:

A Suspicious Parent Makes An Artful Child: The quotation deals with the psychology of parents. Parents who look at their children with suspicious eyes create many abnormalities in them. The suspicious type of behaviour of parents can lead to abnormal developments in their children. Abnormal parents who are a psychological victim of suspicion have their artful children.

If parents are suspicious by nature, their children would develop unhealthy complexes. Children would grow artful to ally the suspicion of their parents in one form or the other. The children would develop unhealthy psychological tendencies to counter the suspicion of their parents.

The children would outwit their parents by inventing certain fake stories… A suspicious father looked down upon his child for his so-called involvement in certain undesirable activities. The child gives an explanation of his innocence to his father but he would not get convinced. Meanwhile, the child became artful.

He dodged his father intelligently on each and every occasion. The child when grown upturned to be a hoodlum. The father was very sad. He wanted his child to be a doctor or an engineer but his expectations were dashed to the ground. The father decided to place his son under the treatment of some renowned psychologist.

The child had a number of sittings with the psychiatrist. The latter continued observing the boy and at last, gave his findings to the father of the boy. “My observations are that the suspicion of the parent has led the boy stray. The boy decided to take revenge against the parent by taking part in certain socially undesirable activities.

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If you wish him to retreat from the present course, better revive his confidence through subtle psychological ways. I suggest these to you. I believe he will be fairly receptive to them.” It was revealed to the father much to his dismay that his suspicion was responsible for the waywardness of his son: parent’s abnormal behaviour can create many complications and abnormalities in their offspring.

Parents should treat their children kindly and provide an environment to them for building confidence in them. This is very important. The slightest deviation from normal behaviour can be a source of trouble for their children. Parents are expected to set up a healthy precedent for their children to emulate.

Abnormalities can crop up in children if parents are social deviants. Care must be taken in grooming children in a way as to create confidence and trust in them through the demonstration of these traits by the parents themselves. Parents should unnecessarily avoid suspecting their children. It is a psychological abnormality which must be avoided.

“A Suspicious Parent Makes An Artful Child”

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