Essay No. 152:

A Yawn Is A Silent Shout: The quotation under reference brings out a fact of human nature. A Yawn is occasioned by a number of factors. When a overpowered by a Yawn. The Yawn is a protest against bodily exhaustion. Sometimes when there is some internal trouble in the human body it is followed by Yawns. A Yawn thus indicates an abnormal state of body and mind.

Unconsciously man protests against the inactive condition he is plunged into and he manifests that trough a yawn. In fact man shouts against lethargy that overtakes him, which has the effect of delinking him form activity or struggle. A sick person is often seen indulging himself in Yawns.

A person who is unemployed facing to seek channels to give vent to his talent, often is found upset. In moments of idleness he often experiences yawns. The unemployed protests against the state of inactivity. He wants employment to earn his living, but when he finds no employment, he is subjected to a great torture and mental tension.

Frustration can push him to nervousness. That could cause Yawn, which could be taken for a silent protests. It is akin to a silent shout or scream. A novelist’s pen suddenly stops and he cannot continue to complete the novel. His imagination can fumble thereby impeding his creativity. The spell of creativity can breakdown for one reason or the other.

Human mind after all is not machine showing mechanistic behaviour. It can come under the influence of sterility any time. When the process of creativity comes to a halt, it causes a pinch to the novelists. Due to faltering imagination, pen refuses to move further and that could cause nervous breakdown of the novelists. Similarly, a poet may have to pass through a spell of barrenness for some time.

S.T. Coleridge could not finish his poem ‘Kabula Khan’ which remained incomplete. The poet must have experienced a great strain when he could not complete the poem. A sculptor can pass through that agonizing phase or barrenness. His chisel may stop in carving out the imagined figure for one reason or the other.

The sculptor may not be able to complete his piece of art within the time schedule. That could upset him. His unconscious is not within his control. Something must be agitating in his unconscious, over which he may have no control. It’s all a problem of unconscious.

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A government that fails to maintain law and order can experience a spasm of nervousness. Its inability to enforce law and order could make her pass through a disturbed state. The Prime Minister, exercising executive authority in a democratic country must pass through a depression of psychological nature.

He must be having Yawns on account of the gravity of the situation gripping the country. Through Yawns he may be giving vent to his feelings of anguish, akin to a silent scream. He would not have peace of mind till the normalization of the situation.

A candidate appearing in the CSS examination may be overtaken by a psychological depression, when he cannot answer questions given in the paper. Disturbed state of mind can manifest itself in the form of Yawns, which could be taken for a protest against the tough nature of question.

The candidate could yell out silently his anguish through a Yawns. The quotation thus explains a psychological phenomenon, which man under trying circumstances or extreme type of physical or mental fatigue could experience.

“A Yawn Is A Silent Shout”