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Act Well Your Part, There All The Honor Lies

Essay No. 227: 

Act Well Your Part, There All The Honor Lies: Shakespeare rightly compares world to a stage. Since the inception of the world, the stage has been going on, permitting man to come on it for plying his part—nobly or ignobly. The world stage has remained intact. Men have been playing the game of life on the world stage in their own way since time immemorial.

Certain conquerors like Alexander the great, appeared on the stage to materialize their ambition. Genghiz Khan and his hordes came like an avalanche, who committed unknown atrocities against the human race. After causing devastation they made their exit from the stage of life. Likewise kings, monarchs, came in the world at different places at different times, and with certain positive and negative achievements went off the world stage.

Some played their part well; others were discredited for their negative contribution. Honor fell to the lot of those, who did positive deeds in life, while dishonor and disrespect fell to those, who lived solely for themselves, caring little about mankind. Hence it is incumbent on everyone to play his / her part well in life to earn fame or honor. One needs to be remembered in good terms after one’s exit from scene of life.

One should make it a point to serve humanity in one way or the other. Mother Teresa gave her life to the leprosy-effected victims without any selfish or ulterior motive. She lived for humanity. That is why her name is remembered in reverence and respect after her departure from the world. Abdus Sattar edhi, has been rendering selfless service to serve humanity in his own peculiar way in the present times.

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Those who are running different trusts with the sole objective of serving humanity are the darlings of history. Hence one should as far as possible, try to play one’s part in a way as to promote the welfare of one’s fellow beings. One can earn the gratitude of time if one earns honest righteous living to bring up one’s offspring and feed them with honest provision.

One should thus lead one’s life according to the moral injunctions to avoid the influence of evil temptations which could detract one from the right path. One should honor the rights of human beings and fulfill them in a dignified way. That is the best way of acting well in life.

A teacher should perform his duties honestly by imparting instructions to his pupils in a way as to instill basic understanding of concepts in them, apart from urging them to acquire knowledge analytically. Good teachers leave indelible impression on the mind of their pupils. They are remembered forever for their positive contribution. Similarly, doctors, bankers, engineers and men belonging to different vocations play their part in life.

If they do something constructive people do not forget them. Hence one should play one’s part well in life to earn honor. The part can be played well if the spirit of service to humanity were not lost. One should try to carve our one’s name in the annals of time.

“Act Well Your Part, There All The Honor Lies”

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