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Essay No. 246:

Adopting Unchecked Western Lifestyle: It is a fact that there is a tendency to adopt western style of living, especially on the part of the educated in Third World countries including Pakistan. The mass media helps transmute the west-oriented material values of life to the Third World countries.

People wish to maintain a high living standard by having an access to all possible modern facilities of living. The desire to have a Buike, (Modern American Car), a bank balance, a bungalow, cannot be satisfied without having a recourse to corrupt ways to increase one’s money resources. It thus gives rise to corruption and other social vices in society.

While there is no harm in raising one’s living standard, in conformity with the present dictates of time, it is, however, harmful to blindly copy the western living style. People become blind to their own cultural values. They begin to chase the western values to gain a mileage in the race of modernity. In the West, the sacred family-institution has been abandoned.

The extended family system no longer functions in the western society. The modern families in live with the western traditions in the Third World countries, also show a craze in disowning the family system. The elders are left to themselves alone and they lick the wounds of loneliness. They are left high and dry by their male children who are lost in the affairs of their own families.

The decline of the family system in the Third World countries is a loos to reckon with. Ladies, who are educated and adopt certain careers in life, fail to pay proper attention to their children. The infants are mostly entrusted to nurses and they are fed on the bottle milk. Mothers do not have time, owing to their excessive preoccupation with their engagements, to look after their babies.

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They do not receive the individual attention and care of their mothers. Such children tend to develop broken psyche, which manifests itself in their future growth. That I believe is on account of the blind adaptation of the western culture and its ways of living.

The West shows a sense of alienation to religion as it mostly stands for the material advancement of life. The spiritual aspect of life is neglected. People run after bread, the symbol of materialism. This tendency has greatly proliferated in the Third World countries. People are mostly confined to materialistic pursuits of life to the neglect of higher values of life.

This trend is least appreciable. People must earn bread to improve their living, but excessive preoccupation with it is not desirable as it is capable of robbing man of his internal strength. There is no harm in learning the good traits of the western culture. Punctuality is one of them, while people in the East spend it recklessly.

People in the western society show loyalty to the land they belong to, and refrain from doing anything which could cause any damage to their motherland. The West upholds the superiority of law under all conditions, while we in Pakistan stand for denigrating the law. We can pick up good points of the western culture and adopt them for our own welfare.

But wholesale blind adoption of culture is least desirable on our part as it can rob us of our culture and ideological values of life. By adopting western culture, we can neither remain in the community of a crow nor of a goose.

“Adopting Unchecked Western Lifestyle”