Essay No. 302:

All Art Is Not Useless: Art is never useless, as this main purpose is to paint the picture of life. The function of an artist is to present life in its diverse aspects realistically. Real art is not photographic art, as an element of imagination is a necessary component of it. All the same, the function of art is to portray life as a whole.

When the reader reads a short story he should be moved by the treatment of its theme and the way it is handled by the writer. The theme should be handled purely in an artistic manner. Realism coupled with imagination would yield a good piece of art.

Saadat Hasan Minto, Ghulam Abbas, Rajinder Singh Bedi and Krishan Chander are the celebrated short story writers of their time. They made valuable addition to the Urdu short story. Good writer do not believe in the moralising of art. In their view, good art is amoral.

All the same, it should not be forgotten that the business of an artist is not only to show or represent but also to give a message indirectly to the reader / viewer / listener. A good painting should leave a good impression on the mind of the viewer.

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Mona Lisa’s smile has stood the test of time. It has inspired countless generations of mankind. It has got a universal appeal. Likewise, Ghalib – the Urdu poet, remains an undisputed sovereign as his poetry has a universal appeal. Real art must acquaint man with the meaning of life, the joys and sorrows, up and downs of life.

All art-painting, sculpture, music must provide pleasure and be a source of joy to man. Needless to say different aspects of life in their art. They dispassionately expose the incongruities of life and indirectly arouse finer feelings in man. Art thus not only teaches but also touches us.

Art makes us aware of real meaning of life. Artists are thus the most valuable segment of mankind. Hence art is not useless but useful.

“All Art Is Not Useless”