Essay No. 303:

All Great Truths Being As Blasphemies: Philosophers, thinkers who come out with a new way of thinking, are not honored by the people of their time. They reject new theories because do not wish to part with their existing views of beliefs.

Galilio met terrible opposition when he came out with the idea that earth revolves around the sun and not the otherwise. Socrates – a legendary figure of history, was executed to death because he propagated truth, which was sour to the ruling janta of his time. He was criticized for corrupting the youth.

Socrates drank the cup of poison willingly and laid down his life for of thinking. The dialectical philosophy propounded by him later on was employed by Hegal and Karl Marx in different ways. Marx gave a scientific of material tinge to dialectical philosophy.

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Marx was able to scientifically argue the fall of capitalism and the emergence of the dictatorship of proletariat (working classes). Jesus Christ (AS) preached universal brotherhood and he was crucified by the Jews, who considered themselves as the chosen of God.

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) came out with the idea of unity of God, which he preached among the Arabs. He opposed tooth and nail the idol worship. The Arabs could not digest the truth presented by the Holy Prophet (PBUH). History tells us that reformers of their time, are deadly opposed by the people, which are found in conflict with their belief.

The reason that people of every age resist change which goes against their conventional beliefs. When the new ideas are proved true, then they are accepted. This has been the practice since time immemorial.

“All Great Truths Being As Blasphemies”