Essay No. 53:

All The World StageThis is with reference to Shakespeare’s play “As You Like It”, in which Shakespeare compares the world to a stage. In the play under reference, Shakespeare discusses seven stages of life, marked by distinct characteristics of their own. Shakespeare presents a realistic description of each stage through which man has to pass. The last stage is that of old age, which indeed is dreadful in the life of man. Man is face to face with different infirmities which old age clamps upon him.


Men, women belonging to different beliefs, religions, philosophies appear on the stage of the world at different times. They play the game of life – nobly or ignobly, and then depart from the stage, creating room for newcomers to continue playing the game of life. one sees vicissitudes, ebb and flow of time in the form of change, but the world stage remains intact. Ghalib rightly observes the phenomenon in a verse:


The poet envisions a play of children being staged day and night, with the old ones disappearing and the new ones entering the arena. There is continuity in the drama of life on the stage of the world.


Man unleashes tyranny, perpetrates cruelty against his fellow beings just to satisfy his propensity of domination. He does not mind in using physical force against weaker species. He demonstrates his physical muscles when he is out to impose his hegemony on the weak. The world stage has been witnessing the demonstration of the principle ‘Might is right’ since times immemorial. Man has entered the twenty-first century along with the accompaniment of the said principle. The world stage has witnessed uncountable wars leading to the destruction of human species, property and whatnot.

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The possibility of future wars cannot be ruled out since fighting instinct of man is going to remain alive for all times to come. Man must consciously overcome this instinct to create peace in the world. If Bush in man asserts himself, then the world is going to witness colossal destruction in time to come. Man must live for making the life of homosapiens pleasant, free of evil, exploitation and other vices. It is the mentality of man that should undergo a healthy change to convert the world stage to a theatre of peace. It can happen when a man listens to the call of religion and acts on its principles to reduce his inborn instinct of domination followed by conflicts borne of conflicting mercenary motives.


The world stage is characterized by two worlds: one developed and the other underdeveloped. The former is a symbol of economic prosperity, rising GBP, and an increasing growth rate, while the latter is steeped into poverty, squalor, hunger and destitutions. There are two contrasting worlds, inhabiting the world stage. The income disparities are widening between the two- the developed mounting economic affluence and the other in the grip of poverty – exacerbation.


The developed world follows such policies as are meant to keep underdeveloped in a permanent state of poverty, though it also lacks will of its own to be out of it. The existence of two worlds shows the glaring disparity in the living style between the two. The underdeveloped world needs to be pulled out of poverty and underdevelopment. To provide the benefit of modern living to the people inhabiting it. The world resources need to be utilized to promote global welfare of mankind. Will it ever happen on the world stage? Is difficult to answer.

“All The World Stage”