Essay No. 238:

An Educated Man Is Not Necessarily A Cultured Man: The function of education is to produce a cultured mind. If it fails to produce a mind impregnated with culture, it ceases to perform its function. However, it much depends upon the person receiving education. If he does not have the capacity of refinement, he would remain by and large, uncouth, unpolished.

Even if such a person receives education, he would not be receptive to cultural impulses. Educated persons, in many cases, are found to be highly non-responsive to cultural sensitivities. Sons of landlords, though highly educated demonstrate sometimes brutish, barbaric behavior.

When they deal with theirs, they maintain a harsh posture, which is utterly in contradiction to cultural refinement. Hence socio economic conditions play an important role in shaping the attitude of people. If the conditions are not conducive to the growth of cultural proclivities, education in such a context makes a little dent in breaking the crudities of people.

Education coupled with favorable environments, goes a long way in cultivating favorable trends in the people in a society. Hence it is suggested that socio economic trends may be corrected for cultural values of refinement to grow.

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Some uneducated persons possess a high sense of refinement in life. I had an opportunity of meeting an old cobbler who was all refinement in taste and behavior. He talked in a highly sophisticated tone. He could recite Panjabi verses appropriate to a given situation.

While mending a shoe his fingers got the prick of the needle. Blood came out of the injured finger. He came out with the version “My all fingers contain the signs of needle prick. I am used to bear pain. No one can deny the fact that pain is the basis of life.

The birth of a child is followed by immense pain. So one should cultivate the habit of bearing pain silently. One needs to develop the trait of patience to lead life.” He continued talking in a rich wise tone. I gathered the pearls of wisdom and sagacity.

He was totally illiterate but highly cultured. If he had received formal education he would have made a debut of himself as a wise and cultured person.

“An Educated Man Is Not Necessarily A Cultured Man”