Essay No. 237:

An Incident Which Annoyed Or Vexed You And Why It Did So: One come across many incidents in life, some pleasant others unpleasant. I had an incident which caused my nervous breakdown. It brought me on my wit’s ends. Once I traveled form my residence to the secretariat in Lahore to resume my official duties in an omnibus.

It was overcrowded. Passenger’s jostled and fell on another with the slightest jerk of the bus. The conductor came to give ticket. I put my hands into the pocket but the pocket was missing. Some pick pocket had torn it away, taking all the money and other valuables. The conductor insisted me to buy the ticket but I was dumb-founded.

He sensed my nervousness. I told him that I had lost all the money lying in my pocket along with PIA ticket. He was a gentleman who consoled me by saying that one should be beware of pick pockets while traveling in an over crowded bus. Another educated passenger paid for my ticket.

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It was the most awkward situation I had to face. What worried me about was the loss of the air ticket, which was to be booked with the PIA in connection with the travel of my sister from Lahore to Manchester (U.K.) On reaching the office I rang up at home to apprise my sister of the situation leading to the loss of the PIA ticket.

My sister replied that I had forgotten to collect the ticket at the time of leaving for the office. Thank God, the ticket was safe…… sometimes when one is in haste, one forgets many an important thing. One should not lose, one’s presence of mind though being in the midst of hastiness.

I can’t forget about the mortification I suffered that day. It was indeed the most vexing and ominous day, memory of which even today makes me shudder.

“An Incident Which Annoyed Or Vexed You And Why It Did So”