Study2Compete Sundry Essays An Optimist Sees Opportunities In Every Difficulty, The Pessimist Sees Difficulties In Every Opportunity

An Optimist Sees Opportunities In Every Difficulty, The Pessimist Sees Difficulties In Every Opportunity

Essay No. 159:

An Optimist Sees Opportunities In Every Difficulty, The Pessimist Sees Difficulties In Every Opportunity: The quotation sums up the attitude of an optimist and pessimist towards life. The optimist is influenced by the bright side of things and welcomes every difficulty, which to him unfolds many new opportunities to exploit for his betterment.

The optimist discerns a silver lining behind every dark cloud and is not disappointed. It is a positive attitude towards life. The optimist recognizes the existence of difficulties, which he considers to be part of life. He is thus motivated to throw his gauntlet against difficulties of life discovers something positive out of them.

The pessimist, taking a dark view of things, comes across difficulties in new opportunities that may come to him. He regards opportunity a personification of difficulty and as such is not inspired to seize it to exploit for his advantage. He thinks life to be a jumble of jig-saw-puzzles. Instead of resolving an enigma, he further gets entangled in it.

This attitude is far from being realistic. No one can deny the emergence of difficulties in life. Man face difficulties as long as he remains alive. If he adopts an ostrich’s attitude to face difficulties, then he is carried by the currents of failure. A realist thus does not shun facing the problems and difficulties of life. The optimist instead of being overwhelmed with difficulties has the gut, to face them and discern a nay to hope out of them.

Certain problems which appear rather ticklish and difficult yield new opportunities to man, who by sheer force of rich perception and grit could make use of them for his betterment. A cynic would foresee new dimensions of difficulties, should an opportunity is offered to him. Instead of availing himself of that, he would be lost in the web of negatives of it.

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The researchers are by temperament optimists, who carry on research on different projects unmindful of their results. Even if a research does not yield positive results, it does provide a framework to carry it further. Man should not get dishearten when he is to meet difficulties at different times in his life. There is a mutual relationship between man and difficulties, since the course of life is rugged and not smooth.

One should develop an optimist outlook on life, and not get disheartened when cornered by intricate problems of life. The resolution of problems of life. The resolution of problems through will and determination can open up vast opportunities of development in man’s life, which he must seize to harness resources to explore further avenues of progress. Pessimistic outlook on life mires man in disappointment and despondency. That should be avoided at all costs.

“An Optimist Sees Opportunities In Every Difficulty, The Pessimist Sees Difficulties In Every Opportunity”

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