Essay No. 56:

An When I Love Thee Not Chaos Is Come AgainIt is a couplet from some English poem. It throws light on the importance of love in human life. Love undoubtedly is a great dynamic and invincible force in life. The poet experiences chaos and turmoil in life without his beloved. Life is visited by the spring when the object of love is fulfilled. If the beloved is happy, the lover is happy. The lover is bound to the pleasure and displeasure of his beloved. When the lover finds his beloved, he comes to discover the universe in himself.


Majnu loved Laila, who was of black in colour. Laila was everything to Majnu. He found a reflection of Laila in himself all the time. Laila breathed through Majnu and both were of the same identity. Lovers are thus given to pleasure of their beloved, in whose absence life becomes dull, insipid and barren. Life without love appears as a desert marked by barrenness and sterility. Man needs love at every stage of his life. The child needs the love of his mother. When he grows to manhood, emotions appear in his life. He begins to love someone. The ideal he sets before himself provides him with an inspiration to sweeten his life.


Tennyson, an English poet, rightly said in one of his poems “It is better to have loved and last than never have loved at all.” To create purposefulness in life, it is necessary to create profundity of love. Great literary works largely mirror this. Literature revolves around this theme. The poetry of Ghalib, Mir Taqi Mir and Nasir Kazmi from amongst the modern Urdu poets is reflective of this trend. Hence if life were to represent sweetness, it must be brimful of love.

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Without love, life would become a sheer brute force. Mystics through various hard exercises, endeavour to attain the proximity of his being. Their life is characterized by LOVE, and they spread the rays of love throughout their life. Their ultimate objective is to attain true glory of love. Whenever a mystic finds love running away from him for one reason or the other, he is upset and behaves abnormally.


The poetry of Baba Ghulam Farid is devoted to the theme of love. He regards LOVE to be a supreme force pervading in the world. To him a love of divinity is everything. Sufis live for earning love in life. All their energies are devoted to the attainment of this end. So one should have an attachment with love in one form or the other in life.

“An When I Love Thee Not Chaos Is Come Again”