Essay No. 71:

Any “Labour-Saving” Device Is The Most Inhuman Aspect Of Work: The statement regards the introduction of any labour-saving device as inhuman. The statement is valid in a country like Pakistan. It equally applies to Third World countries where there is a large abundance of untrained labour. In countries with unlimited supplies of labour, the problem is to create avenues of employment.


The use of machinery particularly in agriculture would create unemployment for labour, as it economizes the use of labour. The use of tractors and other mechanical implements has thrown manual labour out of bullocks and labour but with the introduction of mechanization of agriculture, the former have been rendered superfluous and redundant.


The use of machinery has resulted in the labour-saving devices accompanied by unemployment in agriculture in Pakistan. It has acted as an inhuman device as it has led to unemployment in the realm of agriculture. There is disguised unemployment in agriculture as agriculturists are self-employed.

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Their productivity is low, which needs to be raised through the creation of employment opportunities. Hence the introduction of machinery resulting in unemployment is not desirable in a country like Pakistan. Labour-saying devices thus can be the most inhuman in countries with a surplus of farm labour.


Conditions are reverse in developed countries where there is a scarcity of labour and an abundance of capital. It suits developed countries to use capital-intensive techniques, which are labour-saving in nature. Labour-saving techniques thus suit the developed countries while these don’t suit the underdeveloped ones because the latter’s concern is to provide employment to surplus farm labour.


Labour-saving devices can become inhuman in case of underdeveloped countries, as they lead to unemployment in the agriculture sector which is the mainstay of a majority of the population. The statement is to be interpreted relatively.

“Any “Labour-Saving” Device Is The Most Inhuman Aspect Of Work”