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Are We Happier Than Our Forefathers?

Essay No. 243:

Are We Happier Than Our Forefathers?: It is rather difficult to answer the question. In certain respects we are happier, while in others we are unhappier. The present times have given us lot of material conveniences of life. Today we enjoy better facilities of transportation. Distance seems to have been reduced on account of quick and rapid means of communication and transportation.

We can move from one end of the world to the other within minimum time. Lorries, buses fitted with ACs afford a pleasant travel to the people during the summer. In the past it look days to travel from one place to another. Fast means to communication have facilitated quick travel. It is a positive advantage reaped by the present generations, which facility was denied to the previous ones.

We are happier on this score. There is a sort of revolution in health technologies which has resulted in increasing the span of human life. The deadly diseases like typhoid, malaria, TB, dysentery, yellow fever are no more considered fatal now. As a result of the use of antibiotics, these have been brought under control.

The death rate has fallen substantially especially in the third world countries including Pakistan, while the birth rate continues to maintain a rising trend, thereby creating an imbalance between birth rate and death rate, yielding an increasing growth of population. The life expectancy has increased in the third world countries.

Facilities of hospitalization are made available a large number of people. However, hospitalization facilities are beyond the reach of the poor. Civil hospitals provide these facilities to the poor through in a halfhearted measure. On the whole the lot of present day man is much better than that of his counterpart in the past. In terms of material facilities, we are happier than our forefathers.

There is a revolution of rising frustrations in the third world countries. Expectations of people have risen high and they don’t find requisite resources to satisfy them. There is a disparity between high material aspirations and the availability of resources to satisfy them. People become frustrated when they cannot realize their aspirations.

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Modern times are thus the times of frustration, disappointment and despondency. The modern educated youth is highly susceptible to the negative influences. It was not the case with our forefathers who comparatively were free form mental tension and worry. The present generation suffers greatly from mental tension, often leading to severe type of cardiac aliment.

Present times have given the ‘gift’ of nervous breakdown to man. Life has become greatly complex, which causes untold mental worries to man. Hence our forefathers’ position was comparatively ideal as compared to ours. The modern age is an age of worry and tension. People are the roving colonies of tension.

In the past there was warmth in human relationship. It has now been replaced by greed, selfishness. Dear relatives, blood relations are seen fighting over petty individuals interests. Love and affection are replaced by jealousy, animosity. The negative forces did exist in the past but they were not so pronounced as they are now. It is a permanent recurring loss.

The old generations were loss susceptible to the negative values. In the past people has faith in religion, which in the present times stands comparatively loosened; people now are after material values of life. They profess religion but do not practice its values like honesty, integrity etc. economic values are thus discarded, which though theoretically professed.

The present generation is thus morally hollow. The older generation was comparatively sound, morally speaking. This shows that the present generation is hollow from within and lacks in stability in life.

“Are We Happier Than Our Forefathers?”

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