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Art Lies In Concealing Art

Essay No. 260:

Art Lies In Concealing Art: The saying means that it is not possible to comprehend art in its totality. Here are different dimensions of art, which by and large, remain incomprehensible to man. Man can interpret a given piece of art in a number of ways.

No single interpretation can be regarded as comprehensive to account for a given piece of art. Critics evaluate art from different angles. Each angle represents a facet of reality. If there are hundred critics there could be hundred interpretations of a given piece of art.

There cannot be unanimity in the views of critics. Each critic is to view art from own angle. The more the critics, the more the interpretations of art. Art thus lies in concealing reality in totality. Art represents perfection, which lies not within the grasp of man to completely comprehend it.

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Sculpture art is liable to numerous interpretations. Critics try to reach the root of art, but their approach can at best be regarded as imperfect. The function of art thus is to let perfection remain undiscovered. Novelists, short story writers, poets present their different works of art, which are evaluated by critics in their own way.

A verse can be interpreted in a number of ways, each interpretation revealing an aspect of reality. The abstract art is somewhat difficult to interpret. The reality beyond the art appears in different guises to the viewer. Real art is not photographic art. It consists of conveying a given idea in a different way.

Good artists open different vistas of thinking to appreciate and interpret their art. Reality is concealed in art, which in unfolded in different ways.

“Art Lies In Concealing Art”

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