Essay No. 278:

As The Baggage Is To Any Army So Are Riches To Virtue: The army has to travel with light luggage so that it does not become an impediment in the way of its agility. The army has to ensure its quick movement from place to place to be ever in a state of readiness.

The luggage or worldly possessions in large quantity, can impede army’s rapid mobility. That is why the army carries a little luggage to prevent its quickness of movement. Heave luggage can retard the army’s movement. Thus it is considered as an obstacle in the way of army’s timely movement.

Likewise the riches or excessive wealth can often spoil the virtue in man. Those who develop undue obsession or craze for wealth are often detracted from the path of virtue. They develop an undue love for the riches and in a blind craze to acquire it, they become blind to the human virtues.

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An industrialist can adopt hundred and one immoral techniques to increase the sway of his industrial estate. He can resort to exploitative techniques to increase his profit at the cost of the misery of the labor. Wealth thus kills morality in man and promote values of mam-monism.

One must acquire riches to an extent that it does not kill values of compassion in man. When man becomes a playful tool in the hands of wealth, then he is robbed of finer values of life like compassion, sympathy, etc. man is a maddening race to increase his wealth, loses sight of moral values and displays outlandish barbaric behavior.

Hence undue love for riches can strip man naked of moral sense in life. Hence the proverb brings home to the reader that he should reduce the desire in acquiring undue wealth, which can prove a hindrance in the way of his moral advancement. One should have minimum love for wealth to court human virtue. Wealth and virtue are poles apart.

“As The Baggage Is To Any Army So Are Riches To Virtue”