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Attitude Of Indifference

Essay No. 129:

Attitude Of Indifference: Attitude of indifference means showing no importance to things in life. It is a tendency of apathy on the part of a person. It has many plus and negative points which may be discussed briefly here.

It is good on the part of believers to show indifference of worldly things. Man instinctively wants to get more and more of worldly things. This desire of a man is not subject to the law of diminishing utility. The more he gets material things, the more he wants of them. The man by mature is not satisfied with the acquisition of material things.

He wants more and more money and other things. It is this desire of man which ultimately robs him of peace of mind and contentment. Man makes himself a playful toy in the hands of desires. That is why Islam enjoins upon believers to reduce material desires by showing an attitude of indifference to them. That does not mean that Islam preaches asceticism.

It wants believers to be men of the world, but over obsession material, things are not desirable. Believers thus are forbidden to show over keenness for material things. If believers wish contentment, the bliss of mind, they should initially curtail down their material desires and then exhibit an attitude of indifference to material goods to live peacefully in life.

The Third World countries are in the grip of rising material aspirations. People in order to acquire material resources, do not show indifference to corruption or other evil social practices. They should show an attitude of indifference to illegal ways of living. They do not do it.

That is why the graph of morality is on the decline in Pakistan. By showing indifference to morality, the moral fibre of the society is weakened. No society can progress well its moral moorings are intact. The attitude of indifference needs to be exhibited towards the acquisition of immoral means of supplementing one’s meagre resources.

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Another aspect of indifference-attitude may be noted here. If you show an attitude of indifference to someone, it is tantamount to undercutting his self-respect and dignity. It is a great sin to ignore someone intentionally. G.B. Shaw is of the view that one may hate someone, but not make him a target of indifference, as it would underplay his self-esteem.

One should thus refrain from showing indifference to one’s fellow beings. God owes all His creatures, lovely and ugly. Man being a reflection of God, should despise his fellow beings. Indifference attitude should not be shown to anyone.

Dictators are guided by their personal whims and as such, they show indifference to the real problems of people, particularly in the Third World countries. They go by their own ideas and in doing so they might land the countries into most unpleasant situations.

Dictator’s concern is to show concern to their own rule by disowning the real problems of the people. That is why democracy is considered as a better form of government in which problems of the people figure prominently and measures are taken to resolve them to satisfaction of the people.

“Attitude Of Indifference”

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