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Beauty Is Not Skin Deep

Essay No. 305:

Beauty Is Not Skin DeepThe proposition implies that beauty should not be judged by its appearance. Beauty is too deep to be fathomed by ordinary human beings. Those who run after outer beauty, often get deceived in life. The facial expression of lady may be impressive or captivating but inwardly she may be like a rotten egg.

Man’s outward behaviors should not be considered as the criterion to judge him as a good human being. A skin-deep appreciation of beauty is highly misleading. It is the inner beauty of person, which should constitute the basis of his evolution. By this, we mean the beauty of his soul, born of good deeds in life.

If a wealthy person voluntarily decided to spend a part of his wealth on the welfare of the poor, he serves to be called a really beautiful person. Those who show compassion to ameliorate the lot of the poor, without who show compassion to ameliorate the lot of the poor, without excepting anything in return, are really the handsome in the eyes of Creator.

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Their facial expressions howsoever, ugly, cannot prevent them from entering into the category of handsome people. Selfless people striving for promoting the welfare of the poor segment of humanity in different ways, are really beautiful. On the other hand, good-looking faces but immersed in evil ways of doing, are the ugliest ones. There is a surfeit of such like people in Pakistan.

Hoarders, Black marketeers, smugglers often appear in saintly guises. People can easily be beguiled by their apparent satanic smile. If their actions / deeds were judged, they would appear to be the disciples of the devil. One should thus not run after skin-deep beauty of things. One should rather search for real beauty of people, reflective of their good deeds in life. Outward beauty is a faulty measure to decide about eh intrinsic worth of things.

“Beauty Is Not Skin Deep”

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