Essay No. 334:

Better To Reign In Hell Than To Serve In Heaven: The proverb means that freedom is better than slavery. One should opt for freedom, even if one were to pay a heavy price for that in the form of bearing untold hardships and making supreme type of sacrifices. Like may be hand but at least it is yours to lead the way you want to. Hence the proverb brings home to man that it is better to be poor but free rather than being rich but in bondage.

Man to get freedom has to pass through a hell, which is characterized by permanent torture and agony. Freedom does not come automatically to man. He has to face innumerable difficulties to beak the shackles of slavery. Nations that love freedom have to make supreme type of sacrifices to come out of slavery. They hate ease and comfort which slavery could offer them. They prefer hell to heaven to have their own destiny.

Heaven may ensure them all sorts of comforts to lead a life of slavery, but the one’s fired with the freedom decide to embark upon the journey of thorns to bleed themselves to profusely to attain it. They scorn at the comforts they get in heaven accompanied by slavery. The world history offers numerous examples when freedom-loving nations decided to throw away the yoke of slavery by undergoing the torture of hell for getting freedom.

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Freedom must be upheld by men, even if he were to face the agony of hell. Third World countries including Pakistan, that seek aid form the developed countries and international lending institutions, permanently surrender their freedom to the donors. The latter dictate to them their terms, which they have to accept. The poor countries are enslaved and do not breath in an environment of freedom.

Later on, when they wish to break the shackles, they cannot. The poor countries must determine themselves to experience hell to taste economic freedom. Slavery is highly despicable. Man must hate it through he were promised many blessings of life to remain under slavery. He should prefer hell to heaven to cling to freedom. The goddess of freedom is highly jealous, demanding innumerable sacrifices from people, who want freedom. The way of freedom is paved with the splitting of human blood, bearing the agony of poisoned life etc. it is no less than a hell.

“Better To Reign In Hell Than To Serve In Heaven”