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Between Two Stools, One Falls To The Ground

Essay No. 290:

Between Two Stools, One Falls To The Ground: Lack of decision-making power is a serious flaw which can bring about one’s downfall in life. If man remains a victim of indecisiveness, he is going to lose much in life. Hence should select the best strategy out of available a number of choices.

The strategy so selected, should reflect practical wisdom congealed in it. Those who waver between ‘what to be’ and ‘what not to be’ invariably fail to achieve their objective in life. One should have the practical wisdom at one’s disposal to take proper decision in time.

Those who are found wanting in this regard, have to suffer in life. Nations that don’t show consistency in their behaviours often stand between two stools at a time, resulting in their fall. They lose respect and earn bad epithets. Every government before initiating a mega project, has to consider its pros and cons thoroughly.

If the plus points turn into out to be higher than the negatives, the project is undertaken immediately. Once the decision is taken in favour of a project, then there is should be no more dillydallying. Individuals / nations suffering from indecisiveness have to pay a high price in the long run.

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Politicians who go on changing preferences and shifting allegiance are dubbed as ‘Lotas’. They are not looked with respectful eyes. They lose their credibility in the eyes of people. Politicians are require to be steadfast in their approach. Those who lack in steadfastness continue oscillating between different choices.

They are not men of action. Life poses different challenges at different times which demands different responses. Some need immediate response. Hence man should be capable of taking action according to the nature of a given challenge.

A wise man would not like to stand between two stools at a time to avoid a headlong fall. Hence one should identify problems and their solution and go ahead and with the planned action.

“Between Two Stools, One Falls To The Ground”

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