Brains, Like Hearts, Go Where They Are Appreciated (Short Essay)

Essay No. 124:

Brains, Like Hearts, Go Where They Are Appreciated: Human rights are in search of love. Men go to places where they find a response to their love. A lover would woo his beloved and would feel pleasure in carrying out the behests of his beloved. Ghalib in one of his lyrics says:

دل پھر طوافِ کوئے ملامت کو جائے ہے

پندار کا صنم کدہ ویراں کئے ہوئے

It is the heart of the lover which itches him to visit the lane of his beloved where he is likely to earn recrimination, and the poet after dismantling his angularities further is pushed to the sweet chamber of his beloved. Love roams in lanes where it is appreciated.

Like human hearts is search of appreciation of love, brains are attracted to places where there is a demand for them. Talent goes where it is appreciated. Many talented engineers, doctors, teachers go to foreign countries where their services are required and appreciated. They get high salaries, perks and other privileges. Their services are utilized productively, which contribute to the growth of those economies.

The West has evolved norms of merit and objectivity, on the basis of which talent is evaluated and appreciated. No personal whims and caprices are involved in the evaluation of talent. Without any recommendation, talent is appreciated in every department of life. Teachers are selected for higher jobs on the basis of the research publication.

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A lecturer of today can be a professor of tomorrow. Talent does not flow down the drain. Hence in a merit oriented society, talent moves to places where it is in high demand, and where chances of its appreciation are the highest.

Third World countries should learn from the experience of the West to create favourable conditions for the encouragement and appreciation of home talent. The problem of brain-drain must be arrested if the developing countries are interested in moving forward in different fields of life.

Economic incentives may be offered to talented people with a view to making proper use of talent. Favouritism should be done away with permanently in Pakistan. Competition should be encouraged in all walks of life. Recruitments may be done on the basis of merit strictly.

If home talent is appreciated, it will not flow out of the country and contribute to its overall development. That is the best way of stopping the brain-drain problem.

“Brains, Like Hearts, Go Where They Are Appreciated”