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Can We Prevent The Third World War?

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Can We Prevent The Third World War?: It is rather difficult to pronounce any judgment on it. Wars throughout history have kept the companionship of man. One may say man on one pretext or the other has been waging wars in the past and will not hesitate in repeating them in future.

The powerful nations have been subduing the weaker ones in order to establish their hegemony over the latter. Wars are fought to promote certain geo- economic interests of the strong nations. The oil in the Middle East have been motivating factor behind the invasion of small Middle East countries by the US and other developed countries.

Rivalry among great powers over certain economic interests, can lead to a situations of conflagration at the international level. When it leads to the intensification of interests on the part of big powers that be, it can result in the outbreak of a war.

The law of the survival of the fittest has held sway in the past, in the present and will hold in the future. No one can deny the targeted is not behaving properly it decides to flex up its muscles to launch aggression against it to reduce it to rubbles. This has been the pattern of the history since times immemorial.

It is going to remain as such since fighting; domination instincts in man know no change. Top of all the conflicting interests, especially of big powers are going to be exhibited in one form or the other in time to come. The world can become a theater of war when the rivalry of big powers reaches its climax over conflicting economic interests.

Fighting instinct cannot go to a state of coldness. It is to remain in a state of hotness. All nations big or small denounce war, but when it comes to their interests, they jump into the arena of fight. Hence to avoid or prevent third world war, a basic change in the attitude of big powers is called for.

The big powers must bring about a positive change in their attitude to avoid destruction and desolation in the world by waging war in the world. All countries – big or small, understand the holocaust that would be witnessed in the world if the third world war were to break out. It would not be fought with conventional weapons.

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It would be fought with nuclear weapons, which could reduce every living thing to ashes. A leading scientist of the world was asked about the third world war. His answer was like this “I don’t know precisely whether it would be fought or not. But one thing is sure, the fourth war if any would be fought with stones.”

The reply of the scientist could be taken for a befitting, since nothing would be left over after the third world war. Man’s mentality has much to contribute to it. Sometimes man shows the mentality of a monkey. If a sharp-edged weapon were given to a monkey, he would first of all cut his own fingers and then further deploy it to inflict injury on his own species.

Atomic energy or nuclear weapons could wrought terrible havoc in the world if they were utilized at any time. The nuclear powers are conscious of the colossal destruction that would be witnessed in the world in the event of the use of the nuclear weapons.

In a way, that can act as deterrent to the wrong ambition of the powers to initiate conflicts, leading to the use of atomic weapons of mass destruction. It can thus act as a counterbalance to the waging of war at the international level. What is needed is sanity and cool thinking on the part of the big powers which stand laced with atomic power.

They should think in terms of reducing tension in the world by way of resolving the regional disputes between different countries through their diplomacy and influence. The major irritant issues that have the germs of periling peace would amicably resolved like the Palestine and the Kashmir etc. the big powers need to come out to their typical ambit of interests to lend their weight to overcome the causes generating friction among small countries.

At the same time, an attempt needs to be made to reduce the widening gap of development between the developed and the underdeveloped world. To pull the world out of danger of nuclear holocaust, the powers possessing nuclear weapons should honesty dispossess themselves of them.

The nuclear weapons be thrown in the sea to rid the world of permanent danger looming large on its head. The UNO must be made effective to play role independently and it be freed from the influence of big powers. In short, the need is to engineer a positive change in the thinking and outlook of man. Man should realize that if the world, were annihilated, it would bring about his extinction as well.

“Can We Prevent The Third World War?”

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