Essay No. 298:

Character Is Destiny: The difference between man and animal is that the former possesses a character by virtue of which he is able to achieve substantial things in life. It is character of man which brings about a change in the thinking of his fellow beings.

It is purity of character which influences others and presents them from following an evil path. Character of man can create revolutions in human is the strength of character of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that a revolution occurred among the Bedouin Arabs, who gave up idol worship and came to believe in the unity of God.

Character thus is a great forces in life, which is capable of creating revolutionary changes in human society. The ingredients of character are:

  • Honest of purpose;
  • Practice of moral values;
  • Moral discipline;
  • Capacity to bear setbacks for the sake of a good cause;
  • Unflinching faith in the ideology of righteousness.

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These traits enable individuals to exercise profound influence on the human beings to change from them for a better way of living. Men of character follow the dictates of their conscience and do not compromise on their ideology.

Prophets, reformers, and for that matter even men of discovery, by sheer force of their character and conviction are able to embark upon new journey for the benefit of mankind. They bear up told sufferings, stresses and difficulties but do not give up the course of righteousness.

If man loses character he loses everything in life. Character undoubtedly is destiny. It is a strength of character on the part of leadership that can help Pakistan pull out of myriad of social, political and economic evils. We need leaders of sound character to grapple with today’s evils.

“Character Is Destiny”