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Charity Begins At Home

Essay No. 293:

Charity Begins At Home: The proverb means that instead of helping others, one should better take care of one’s own relatives, who are handicapped to stand on their feet independently. The best way of charity is to rehabilitate them in life.

That is why, Islam enjoins upon believers not to ignore or bypass one’s own relatives while helping others with charity. The act of charity must begin form one’s own home.

People who are in a position to part with their wealth to give charity, must not forget their own kith and kin who deserve their attention. First of all, one should select one’s own relatives, friends who are to be aided financially to become productive members of society.

First reference should go to one’s own poor segment of relative’s who are to be upgraded in life. This however, does not means that entire charity should be spent on one’s own relatives. The other segment of the ailing society, should in no way be ignored.

All men are equal in the eyes of Allah. The real objective is to help the needy people who could be facilitated to meet their unmet needs of life. Charity is a noble act which is designed to pull the crest fallen form the ditch of wretchedness.

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The act of charity has a great value in the eyes of Allah, because it is primarily meant to aid the poor, the destitute for making them stand independently in life. That is the best from or worship in the eyes of Allah. Charity should be done irrespective of caste, color or creed.

The idea is that one’s own blood relations should be first of all be brought within the sweep on one’s charity, because they have a right over one’s act of munificence. People deliberately bypass their relatives with whom they may not be having good cordial relations for one reason or the other.

Deserving relatives themselves may not like to get charity because of the fear of self-respect or social censure. Charity should be given without any pre-conditions. It is to be given in the name of Allah. Charity must be begin at home and should not end there itself. It must cover the poor segment of the society as a whole. Charity must be broad based and should not be limited to one’s family alone.

“Charity Begins At Home”

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