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Comparisons Are Odious

Essay No. 291:

Comparisons Are Odious: There are vast differences between the abilities of certain individuals. Many factors contribute to different abilities, inclinations of individuals. Environment and heredity play an important part in shaping the personality of individuals.

Children who are brought up in identical environment show sharp differences in their temperament, abilities and intelligence. Some children are gifted by nature in terms of the aforementioned traits and have an edge over their counterparts. Hence it does not behave parents to appreciate one rebuke the other.

A slow-moving child should not be scolded when compared to a sharp intelligent moving a child. Parents should refrain making comparison between their different siblings, as it can harmful effects on the growth of some. The scolded may feel humiliated and underrated and that might make him further lose self-confidence.

It is a fact nature endows various individuals with certain qualities like ability, perception, and intelligence in varying degrees. Each individual represents his own ideas, interests, ideals and motives. He thus resents of being compared to others.

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Hence comparisons may not made of different individuals, which contain an element of repulsiveness. Comparisons involving an element of hatred and repulsiveness, must be avoided by parents as well as by educational authorities, as these can underrate self-confidence of certain students.

The need is to create conducive environment for individuals to consciously realize their deficiencies and to strive hard to overcome them to complete with others to take a lead in life. Making comparisons, invoking hatred, is not a good thing. It should be avoided as far as possible.

Sensible people avoid it, as it could offend self-respect, dignity of an individual. There are many other ways of making an individual realize his deficiencies, shortcomings. Hence comparisons smacking of hateful element be avoided as far as possible. As they serve no good purpose.

“Comparisons Are Odious”

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