Compassion Is The Antidote For All Sickness (Short Essay)

Essay No. 307:

Compassion Is The Antidote For All Sickness: Compassion has the potential of preventing many evils. A fellow felling of or felling sorrow for the sufferings of others, is a great gift of God to man. Those who possess a soft heart, vibrating with the sufferings of the poor, the indigent, are the most favored in the eyes of Allah.

God created man to share the problems of his fellow beings otherwise there was no dearth of angels to worships Him. Compassion is like a balm to cure the pains of others. People who win wealth and assets, can render a great service if they can set up a welfare trust for alleviating sufferings of the poor, by providing medical care free of cost.

Hospitals run by philanthropists to take care of the ailing poor section of the society, play a great role in mitigating the sufferings of the needy, the indigent, the resource less. Schools set up to provide quality of education to the poor boys/girls with no fee to be charged, are good acts of compassion.

Those who show compassion to others, are shown compassion in life by Allah Almighty. A redeeming feature of compassion is that it diminishes the lust or greed for wealth. A man having compassion would easily part with his wealth to ameliorate the lot of the unfortunate without expecting anything in return.

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It is a divine gesture. Hence anything that arouses human compassion is antidote for all kinds of sickness. It creates in man the spirit not to live for himself only but also for others. Once man attains this spirit, he gets close proximity to Him.

All morbid germs of sickness are thrown out of the mind of man, once he decides to extend compassion to his unfortunate fellow beings. Allah shows compassion to His ugly human creatures, and man who exhibits this trait in himself, in a way reflects the trait of Divinity.

God-fearing human beings are seen exhibiting compassion in different ways. They silently serve the cause of humanity without making any fanfare. Compassion prevents people from demonstrating their false ego or self.

“Compassion Is The Antidote For All Sickness”