Essay No. 162:

Conscience Is God’s Presence In Man: According to the maxim, those who are men of conscience, make God live in their hearts. Presence of God in man prevents him from indulging in various kings of vices in life. Man fearful of God sticks to the paths of virtue and righteousness. He does not depart from the path of virtue under all conditions.

The Holy Quran declares that Allah dwells in the heart of man. Human heart is the catiadel of Divinity. One has only to make conscious effort to remove the blackness or dirt accumulated in the human heart. The worldly desires compel man to adopt illegal ways to satisfy them.

It develops over fondness for material desires and allured by their temptation man ceases to discriminate the sense between right and wrong. The more man is lost in the whirlpool of material temptations, the more he loses the sight of divine glory. Worldly desires make man lose the celestial light and is gradually driven away from it.

One must honestly endeavor to satisfy genuine desires supported by rightful means and give up superfluous vain material aspirations, which have the effect of robbing him of his inner light. Living Sufis stand for the purification of human heart. Once the heart is cleansed of material impurities, it becomes the dwelling place of Allah. That puts man on the right path and he begins to shy away from material temptations which could denude him of divine grace.

I have seen some persons, giving up all wrong practices; under the influence of some mystics. Tons of gold cannot detract them from the right path, as they undergo a major surgical mystic operation in life. Hence those who earn their living in a genuine way and bring up their offspring with honest provision are much near to the divine glory.

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By overcoming the impurities dyed in material color, they develop their heart which begins to reverberate with the ‘Zakar-e-Elahi’. That goes a long way to install Allah in their hearts. Judges who are men of conscience are men of God. They dispense justice without any fear of pressure. We need judges whose hearts are galore of God’s fear.

Survival of society depends upon men having hearts brimful of divine light. Judges who fear executive authority cannot perform the role of dispensing justice to the people. In their hearts dwell Satan and not God. Let us have men with living conscience, which is the rendezvous of Allah. Society will be saved when we have men of this type.

“Conscience Is God’s Presence In Man”