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Courtesy Costs Nothing

Essay No. 289:

Courtesy Costs Nothing: Courtesy implies politeness and kindness to others. It does not cost anything for being polite and kind to others. It is a virtue which needs to be cultivate both at the individual and collective levels.

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) was a model of courtesy and kindness even to his severest enemies. He treated his enemies most kindly and that created miraculous impact on the growth of his mission to spread the message of unity of God and the abandonment of idol worship.

A historical event is mentioned here. An old lady, harboured ill-will against the Holy Prophet (PBUH). When he passed by her house, she threw rubbish over her head which he shook off silently and took to his way. One day when the Holy Prophet (PBUH) passed by the place, he did not experience the fall of rubbish on his head.

He silently moved into the house and found the lady indisposed. He inquired about her welfare. The lady was fear stricken. He most politely treated the lady and offered every possible service to her which she needed. The pohte and kind gesture on the Holy Prophet (PBUH) left a great impression on the mind of the lady. She immediately embraced Islam.

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Every society needs to develop this virtue in a large measure. In the West, every individual repeats the words ‘Sorry please’, ‘Excuse me for the interruption please’. That overall reflects the politeness of the people. The traffic comes to a stop when it comes over to helping senior citizens to cross over the road.

It is sign sing of social courtesy shown to the people senior in age. It’s rather unfortunate that no such courteous gesture is shown to the aged people in our society. No one likes to vacate his seat in favour of the aged travelling in a crowded bus or van.

Courtesy must be shown to our fellow beings under all conditions. One can win the hearts of others without paying any price. Courtesy is an offshoot of good culture, which must be exhibited at the social level.

“Courtesy Costs Nothing”

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