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Essay No. 170:

Curiosity: Curiosity may be defined as an act of knowing something about the unknown. It involves a series of hows and whys to probe into ticklish questions to find out their suitable answers. It is this proclivity of man which has unfolded tremendous possibilities of development in the world.

Curiosity is the basis of scientific developments. Scientists working on certain hypotheses, conduct experiments in laboratories to arrive at conclusions. Experiments are spread over a number of years and this process continues uninterruptedly. The idea behind the experiments is to discover some new dimensions of things.

Sometimes scientists get stuck up in a blind alley but they do not lose their heart. It is the spirit of curiosity which goads them on. That is how it widens the process of new discoveries and inventions in different fields of knowledge. Material progress thus owes much to curiosity.

Columbus encountered untold hazards in his sea voyage and the crew got fed up with the prolonged journey. Frustration in the crew could dampen the spirits of Columbs, but he did not lose his heart. It was his will, determination, coupled with the spirits of adventure which made Columbus carry on his mission of discovery.

At last he succeeded in discovering America. The explorers are fired with the spirit of curiosity which motivates them to carry on their efforts to discover something new. The mountaineers adopt different routes to reach the apex height of mountains and the underlying spirit behind the adventure is that of curiosity.

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Likewise poets create innovation in terms of ideas and diction in the field of poetry. The Azad Urdu Nazam or Nasri Nazam is the outcome of giving something new to the lovers of poetry. In short-new experiments made in different fields of human endeavor.

The story of civilization is the story of curiosity which throughout has been gripping man to unfold new dimensions of things in the world. The Holy Quran invites believers to reflect upon how the universe works in an orderly manner. The Quran arouses curiosity in man to discover how heavenly bodies i.e., stars move within their defined orbits without causing any friction.

The entire universe rests on balance and symphony. It is thus the spirit of enquiry which has led man to probe into the mysteries of the outer space. Man, having already put his feet on the moon, is out to probe into the mysteries of certain spatial bodies. One may thus say that curiosity is a big factor behind the material progress of man.