Essay No. 10:

The Dilemma of Youth In Pakistan: The dilemma means a situation in which one has to choose between two undesirable things or causes of action. When a person is stuck up between two undesirable extremes, he is said to be on the horns of a dilemma. The youth in Pakistan stands bewildered on a number of fronts and it would be worth our while to examine those rather briefly here.

The main dilemma of the youth in Pakistan is the uncertainty of the future. If faces the prospects of a grim future. The future is wrapped in uncertainty under all conditions, but in the case of Pakistan context, it appears all the more grim to the youth for a number of reasons. The youth gets an education in Pakistan at a higher level in different disciplines. After successfully meeting the required standard of education, it is awarded M.A / M.Sc. degrees.

It is confronted with an unemployment problem. The economy does not have the potential to absorb all degree-holders by offering employment. Employment is generated with the attainment of high growth rate, prospects of which are not bright due to a number of internal/external constraints. The public sector has ceased to offer to expand employment opportunities to the educated youth because of its shrinking size.

The private sector offers employment only to the technical personnel, while chances of absorption of ordinary graduates/postgraduates are the dimmest one. The spectrum of unemployment haunts young men who are incapacitated to earn a decent living. The young men hold academic degrees in their hands. When they fail to get employment they are tempted to burn the degrees, which to them look mere pieces of paper.

Many young men out of sheer frustration, like to commit suicide when degrees fail to ensure livelihood to them. The present is dark and future being a link of the present, too appears dark and grim to the young men. It calls for initial radical changes in the system of national education to attune it to the requirements based on the diversification of technical education for opening avenues of employment, consequent upon the expansion of the home economy.

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Another dilemma of the youth is that it does not see with its eyes what is preached to it by the religious leaders, politicians in Pakistan. Politicians preach about democracy and eulogize it as the best form of government, yet democracy embodying real spirit is not seen in the country. Politicians make compromises on situations to suit expediency to promote their personal vested interests. The military rulers to have their own typical interests to serve.

The youth is disappointed to see contradictions galore all around. The religious leaders drum about moral, religious values, which they do not practice in their real spirit. The MMA – a conglomeration of different religious parties, declared its intent to resign from the National Assembly if the Women protection Bill were passed. The Bill, later on, became the Act and the MMA was reticent to resign.

Even the Ulema being entrapped in political, economic exigencies have disappointed the young by displaying contradictions. The point under discussion is that moral values are merely to preach and not to practice both by the politicians and the religious leaders. Ideological values are openly paraded over by values of economic opportunism in Pakistan. Islam exists only in name, and at the practical level, secular politico-economic values are practiced.

These are the contradictions which make the young men confused. They are asked to practice values of justice, Fair play, whereas values of corruption and other evils are seen in practice at the societal level. The young men are frustrated to see duplicity in every walk of life. Double standards are in vogue in the country. These things create a negative impact on the mind of the youth. The need is to minimize contradictions in every walk of life to remove the dilemma of the youth.