Essay No. 213:

Discipline: At the very outset, discipline may be defined. It means control or order to lead the life according to rules. It stands for rigorous training on the part of individuals and communities to show respect for the rule of law. The nations that show respect for discipline are able to regulate their affairs well to serve people by resolving their day-to-day problems most pragmatically.

The nations that get off the rails of discipline are subject to progressive deterioration in different fields of life. Once disrespect is shown to discipline then there is no end to it. The nations departing from the path of discipline and order are destined to perish in the long run.

Indiscipline breeds many social vices in communities which do not discipline themselves to reap the advantages of unity of action. Indiscipline is a vicious circle in which a community could be stuck, which in the long run becomes cumulative, contributing further to decay and degradation.

The study of Sura Rehman reveals that the botanical astronomical, animal and sea world’s lie in a state of prostration to obey the laws of Allah. The aforementioned worlds are subject to the laws and disciplines set by their Creator. Stars move within their defined orbits and show not even a second’s fraction of deviation from their chartered course.

This is extreme type of discipline which a state of balance, harmony and discipline. Man is sent in the world to achieve certain purposes of his existence. He can lead a happy life provided, he regulates it in a disciplined manner. As the foundations of the world rest on disciplines and order, man being a part of it, must show a high degree of discipline in life.

It’s rather unfortunate that indiscipline is the order of the day in Pakistan. Indiscipline has crept overtly or covertly into national life. There is no department of life which is free of indiscipline. In government offices, officials do not come to attend to their duties in time. Punctuality in officers, he is criticized by the lower establishment.

Files are deliberately egged over and cases are, more often than not, decided on merit basis. Facts are twisted to confer advantage on certain individuals who graze the palm of the officials. There are glaring examples of indiscipline at the social level. Corruption, bribery are rampant in the society and these boils are the result of many factors. Indiscipline being one of them.

The labour shirks work and marks time unnecessarily. Every department of life is plagued with indiscipline. The onward progress of the nation stands retarded. Politicians / rulers, make public promises and without experiencing any qualms of conscience, resile from them, considering them as mere verbal commitment.

They do not have any moral stature. Hence mostly they are disciplined to serve their personal vested interests only. The political leaders in the west though secular in outlook, are men of high moral standing as far as public affairs are concerned. In most of the Third World countries, politicians are bound by considerations of expedience to fish in the troubled waters.

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This applies to politicians of all breeds in Pakistan.  The clerics, who wear the cloak of religion, are equally susceptible to scramble of power. They show discipline in the promotion of personal instead of national interests. They act on the dictum: while in Rome, do as the Romans do. As opportunity that comes in their way which could be better their lot economically.

In short, leader belonging to different political parties baring a few honorable exceptions like Mahmood Khan Achakzai, Imran Khan and now Nawaz Sharif, are all out to grab power, though they were to act in a highly undignified and undisciplined manner. The effects of indiscipline percolate down to the lowest tier of society. The indiscipline emerges as the ideology at the political level.

Though it is criticized theoretically, yet practiced both at the individual and collective levels. Our society is soaked in glaring contradictions. Indiscipline is experienced when the law of the land is tinkered with. Frequent military coups have resulted in tempering with the constitution and have brought about indiscipline and instability in the country.

The army is a highly disciplined institution, but its meddling in the civil affairs promotes indiscipline in every field of life. It demonstrates ‘might is right’ principle and takes over through sheer force the reins of civil administration to eventually bog it down to corruption and other vices. Indiscipline can be curbed when the violators of ‘necessity doctrine’.

Indiscipline can be curbed when the violators of the constitution are tried under the relevant clause of the 1973 Constitutions. But the politicians whose own record is not clear, and who lease under the cover NRO to wash off their sins of omission and commission, dare not proceed against eh breakers of the constitution.

The poor people are not the sinners but are sinned against by the system that is in vogue in Pakistan, which favors the elite and disfavors the non-elite. Military generals, politicians, industrialists, bureaucrats are the major power stakeholders in the present system.

Discipline goes to dogs when the constitutions either is held in abeyance in the event of military rule or the general authorized by the judiciary to amend the constitution suiting his convenience. When there is marriage of convenience, there can be no law or discipline.

Quaid-Azam gave the motto: unity, faith, discipline which unfortunately has been converted to disunity, unfaith, indiscipline. If Pakistan is to survive it must revert to the Quaid’s motto and for that the country needs a committed leader, who through his vision and perception could promote unity, faith and discipline in the rank and file of the nation.