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Distance Lends Enchantment To The View

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Distance Lends Enchantment To The View: On seeing an object form a distance, it looks charming and beautiful. When it is seen forma close angle, then its shortcomings are revealed. Distance camouflages weakness and defects of things while closeness or proximity reveals their negative points.

A person form a distance may look fascinating or charming, but on close contact with him, one may come to realize his ugliness of weak points. A long association with people can go a long way in revealing their true self, which may remain hidden on account of the distance factor.

Moon in the best look very attractive because it was beyond the reach of man. Man yearned to go the moon. It was his dream and wish. But even since the moon has been conquered, that curiosity has gone forever. The real shape of the moon stands revealed to man and he has lost much interest in that.

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True, distance lends a charm to distant things. Hence one should look at things from a distance in order to retain a tinge of their fascination. Lahore form a distance looks a beautiful city. But when interior of Lahore is visited, like Mochi Gate, Bhatty Gate, one come to know know about the squalor, teeming crowds in the lanes and streets.

The interior of Lahore is different from that of springing new colonies like the Gulberg, Defence Housing Authority, etc. the real Lahore lies in the interior city. If man wishes to beguile himself with the charm and fascination of things, he better look at them from a distance.

The moment he comes in close contact with them, he would come to understand their real worth. It is only knowing people more intimately that we can come to know about their shortcomings which had escaped our eyes earlier. The spell of magic is broken when man takes a closer view of things.

“Distance Lends Enchantment To The View”

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