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Do We Live Better Than Our Forefathers?

Essay No. 249:

Do We Live Better Than Our Forefathers?: We live better than our forefathers in many respects. A large number of material conveniences of life are available to us than our forefathers. We can avail ourselves of modern facilities of modern living in every sector of life. Travel has become comfortable. Distance, to a great extent, has been shortened owing to the fast means of transportation.

One can travel around the globe, if one so desires. The world has become one village owing to the advent of information technology. One can get in touch with any part of the world through internet. Computer has brought about a revolution in the life of man. Great strides have been made on account of IT in every field of life.

Man has greatly succeeded in overcoming the erstwhile deadly diseases which took a heavy till of life in the past. Typhoid, tuberculosis, yellow fever, dysentery had their rampage on human life. These diseases have been brought under human control due to the discovery of antibiotics. Heart transplant has been made possible.

Liver transplant is soon going to be experimented. In short, surgery has progressed beyond imagination. The health technologies have brought a revolution in the life of the people in the Third World countries. The death rate in the poor countries has shown a marked decline owing to the use of antibiotics and spread of health technologies.

It is a different matter that it lies not in the capacity of the poor to make use of the health facilities due to grinding poverty. The treatment is fairly expensive, which the poor cannot afford. The rich people are the main recipients of these facilities.

The government managed hospitals take care of the poor, but the quality of treatment leave much to do desired. However, the existence of improved health facilities cannot be denied to the people of the modern times, which were not available to their predecessors in the past. We are thus placed in far an advantageous position than our forefathers.

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Our forefathers lived a simple life. There were not complications in their life. Their desires were not as sharp as ours. They had less of frustration. We have increased our material desires to an unimaginable extent. We don’t have the required economic means to satisfy our sprawling human desires. Frustration appears to be our permanent lot.

This especially holds good in case of our educated class, whose material aspirations know no limits. Many of young educated young men demonstrate over ambition and show traced of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. This results in dismantling forces of morality in the human society. When morality is discarded in favor of material values, human life suffers terribly.

That establishes the ascendancy of materialism over ethics. It leads to a one-sided approach in life. As a result of the hot pursuit of materialism, people begin to show alienation towards religion. Religion aims at the development of mean’s inner self, without which he is like an animal. Animal-ism has come on the surface, which has given a great set back to the finer values of life.

The West chases materialism and this tendency has also appeared in the Third World countries with greater intensity. Our forefathers were morally strong, while we are weak in this field. Morally weak species cannot have the power of resilience to withstand the responses and challenges of life. Our position is comparatively weak in this regard as compared to our forefathers.

In short, we are better off than our forefathers as far as the modern facilities of living. But we are weak and hollow due to our falling a prey to materialism. Modern man appears as a hollow vessel on account of the rampage of materialism in our lives.

“Do We Live Better Than Our Forefathers?”

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