Essay No. 234:

Dreams For Future Rely On The Work Plan Of Today: Past, present and future are links of time. Present is important and worthwhile. Man’s survival depends upon the satisfactory resolution of problems gripping him today. If a nation is cognizant of its problems today in the present it can devise a suitable strategy to deal with them.

Man’s today gets illumined with success otherwise it is shadowed by failure. That is why nations seriously think of their present to better their lot by seizing all possible opportunities that come in their way. Work done today with good intentions to improve the present condition, goes a long way to materialize future dreams, as living nations set their eyes on future.

Their vision goes a beyond the present. The underlying objective is to rise to unknown heights to explore more horizons in different fields of life. There is a saying that present generation’s plant seeds for growing fruit trees and the fruit is eaten by the coming generations. This process goes on uninterruptedly in the world. Good or bad legacies bequeathed to the nest generations, have to be paid for.

In other words, if the living generation strives hard to improve the present, it leave rich heritage for the coming generation, which inspired by the values of diligence, hard work so inherited, would continue to perpetuate in time to come for its ultimate good and betterment.

It is therefore, necessary for the living generation to leave rich traditions and values, which could be adopted by the succeeding generation to move forward to achieve different objectives with the defined period. In other words, the living generations raise future dreams to be realized by the coming generation.

Pakistan today is under a heavy domestic, external debt. It is the responsibility of the present generation to clear it off by making supreme sacrifices, so that the future generation is not permanently tied down to the debt. The future contours are to be envisioned by the present generation in order to evolve debt-free Pakistan with a view to achieving independence of sovereignty.

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A country suffering from debt being placed under the obligations of foreigner cannot maintain its sovereignty. A sovereignty less country is condemned and hated in every nook and corner of the world. Pakistan’s present position is least enviable as predators, the drones are violating our airspace in FATA making target of many innocent human lives.

Our government just lodges protests which are not heeded to by the NATO forces. The strength of a country springs from its economy. If its economy is on a stable footing generating a high growth rate, leading to an increase in the volume of exports and a decrease n imports resulting in trade surplus, the concerned country would get less loans at high interest ratio and in this way could escape from being caught in the circle of debt, domestic as well as external.

What is intended to be conveyed to the reader is that the future of a country lies in the hands of living generations. If they do not follow austerity to decrease the quantum of recurring expenditure, the future generations are likely to be mortgaged. Hence it calls for sound planning and its implementation in letter and spirit to shape future properly for the benefit of the coming posterity.

Pakistan is in the throes of a severe energy and water crisis. I believe a great responsibility devolves on the present ruling government to devise a short-term as well as long-term strategy to pull the country out of crises. The tragedy with leadership in Pakistan has been not to foresee coming dangers as planning does not go beyond the present.

One may call it planning going up to nose. Planning has to be done in a longer perspective, though a country may have to encounter some unknown constraints or pitfalls. True, future can’t be predicted precisely, yet the present can be relied upon as a guide to discount future.

The central point in the running discussion is that a leadership which has a rich vision and holds the welfare of the country dear to its heart would always be impelled to perceive beyond the present to lay a firm basis for the future generations to enjoy the real fruit of freedom. Hence future dreams are made today, though their realization depends upon the initiative of the future generations.

“Dreams For Future Rely On The Work Plan Of Today”