Essay No. 309:

Easy Come, Easy Go: The proverb means that the wealth earned not in legal ways, gets squandered in course of time. People who build properties and bank balance through illegitimate means soon come to grief. The wealth seeks exit through gambling and a number of other ways.

Sons/inheritors of a vast property, have no value of it since it is not earned by them through sweat of their brow. They become the means of destroying the property in illegal ways. They may adopt bad habits like the gambling and the prostitution, which could exact a heavy toll of illegally acquired property.

Such like assets soon get liquidated to the shame of the acquirers. If we examine the sociological complexion of Pakistan society, we come to know that people in a bid to improve their economic lot, resort to acquire economic assets unlawfully. These begins to sting the acquirers in different ways.

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The off-spring may adopt unhealthy practices to spend them. In certain cases, they are petered out rather rapidly. The maxim brings home to us not to be led by immoral considerations to build assets, as these could be exhausted in one way or the other.

It becomes rather difficult to protect them against rapid erosion. Hence one should acquire assets through genuine struggle. Corrupt practices should be avoided in the earning of money. People in normal course of life, do not shun practicing illegal means as they are blind in greed.

Experience reveals that it is a dangerous course to follow, which in the long run, could push one to a blind alley. Men value things which they acquire through hard struggle, involving their tearing off. Thus the proverb gives a signal of warning to those who are after grabbing money through immoral ways. Wealth earned through illegal manner does not last long.

“Easy Come, Easy Go”